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We are grateful to all of those who have supported our programs in this vital way. GLC appreciates all types of talent and is “willing to train.” Contact us for more information on how you can help.


If you have skills and wish to volunteer during 2018, contact Director@GratiotLakeConservancy.org.

Thank you to all of our volunteers!
Your actions sustain GLC!


Each year, volunteers put in hundreds of hours maintaining trails; opening and closing the field station; putting the dock in and taking it out; painting and maintaining the building; cleaning shoreline; taking photos; preparing mailings, maintaining a database; creating signage, baking goodies; planning programs; writing grants; monitoring water; balancing the budget; tidying the cabin; opening their homes for programs; assisting at programs; maintaining the website; watching the lake; assembling notecards; editing, folding, and stuffing newsletters; and generally pitching in.

And this year a special “thank you” goes to…


GLC board and officcers Louis Lizzadro, Joseph Lizzadro, Will Lytle, and Gina Nicholas for helping to keep GLC on track

Vicky Doyle for minding GLC’s Facebook page. If you are on Facebook take a look and “like” Gratiot Lake Conservancy

Jim Hay for use of his boat for GLC tour of the lake and for being webmaster of www.GratiotLakeConservancy.org

Dorothy Jamison for faithfully measuring Gratiot Lake water transparency since 2006. The updated data chart and trend graphs for Gratiot are at http://www.gratiotlakeconservancy.org/wmpage.htm

Ella Budynsky, Daniel Lizzadro-McPherson, and all Gratiot Lake landowners who helped with the annual shoreline trash removal in mid-September

Daniel Lizzadro-McPherson (left), Ella Budynsky (right), Rod Chimner, Sage Resh-Chimner, and Galen Resh-Chimner, for assisting the KISMA weed crew in invasive plant removal at Gratiot Lake

Eagle Harbor Township for use of the township Community Building for GLC programs

Those who provided refreshments for and helped with GLC’s Members Meeting

Jim Hay and Ben Hay, Newsletter proofreaders

Winona Asher for assisting with notecard assembly and weed removal

Will and Lydia Lytle and Daniel Lizzadro-McPherson for assisting at GLC programs and hikes


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Contact GLC Program Director: director@gratiotlakeconservancy.org
(Please put "Gratiot Lake" in subject line.)